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Vadim Sukhomilnov

Application Engineer
Vadim Sukhomlinov is an Application Engineer in SSG DRD working on optimizing ISV’s applications in SDN/NFV domain. Prior to that, as a strategic business development manager managed research projects including software development using Intel DPDK (Open vSwitch, traffic interception for Intel Security Controller), applications of machine-learning for security solutions (ROP detection and fingerprinting) and IVI solutions. Earlier, Vadim has progressed through a series of technical and leadership roles at Intel, most recently serving as application engineer / technology manager responsible for successful adoption of virtualization technology, cloud computing by ISVs in EMEA region, and later software enabling for mobile devices (netbooks, tablets, embedded) in Russia. Vadim began his career at Intel in 2004 in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia as application engineer working on the software performance optimizations with enterprise ISVs in Europe to support hardware sales.

Vadim holds degree of system engineer from Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University and has several publications on applications of formal methods for testing.