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Jason Gunthrope

Obsidian Research Corp
Obsidian Research

Jason Gunthorpe has been working in the Linux Community since 1996, and currently serves as the CTO of Obsidian Research. At Obsidian he oversees all development related to Obsidian's InfiniBand product portfolio, and represents the company at industry organizations such as the InfiniBand Trade Association and the Open Fabrics Alliance.

Professionally, Mr. Gunthorpe has an Engineering degree from the University of Alberta and specializes in embedded systems and high performance FPGA design, with extensive experience in high performance networking and embedded Linux on all major architectures.

In the Linux community Mr. Gunthorpe currently focuses his time on the Linux RDMA stack and in other areas related to embedded Linux. In the past Mr. Gunthorpe has also made major contributions to the Debian Project and served on the Debian Technical Committee for a number of years.