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Christopher Liljenstolpe

Metaswitch / Project Calico
Dir. Solutions Architecture
Christopher is the original architect of Project Calico and one of the
project's evangelists. In his day job, he's the director of solutions
architecture at Metaswitch Networks. Prior to Calico/Metaswitch, he's
designed and run some bio-informatics OpenStack clusters, done some
SDN architecture work at Big Switch Networks, Run architecture at two
large carriers (Telstra - AS1221, and Cable & Wireless/iMCI - AS3561)
and been the IP CTO for Alcatel in Asia. He's also run networks in
Antarctica (hint, bend radius becomes REALLY important at -50C), and
been foolish enough to do two stints as a wg co-chair in the
IETF. Occasionally you can have the (mis-)fortune of hearing him speak
at conferences and the like.